Taxation, Tax, Law 822, Law of tax conciliation and its regulations, Professional activity, Lawyer, Taxpayer.


The paper analyzes taxation, which allows the socioeconomic development of countries. Applying the rules and procedures relating to the administration and compliance with tax obligations of taxpayers. The execution, with respect to its tax laws and regulations, which, although they exist and are in force, have a little impact on the tax compliance of the Professional activity of the Lawyer. Taking into account the tax conciliation law 822 and its decree 01-2013.


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Author Biography

Marvin José Ramos Valladares, M.Sc., Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Nicaragua, UNAN-León.

Professor at the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua Unan-León. Former scholar Spanish Agency for International Cooperation for Development (AECID) for the realization of Master studies in Advanced Studies in Financial and Tax Law. (Shared Degree University of Complutense and Udima, Madrid, Spain 2017) Specialist in the Financial and Tax area, His research interests are focused on: International Taxation, Procedures for Financing the Public Sector, Budgeting Management, Maximizing the context of the financial crisis and acute economic, Quantitative Analysis of economic policies, Right for Sustainable Development: Fiscal, Labor and Administrative Measures socially responsible.


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