Tilapia culture and phytoplankton species associated with Tilapias aquaculture

  • Carmen Isabel Hernández Rivera Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Nicaragua, León
  • José Evenor Martínez Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Nicaragua, León
  • Guillermo Salvador Díaz Reyna Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Nicaragua, León
  • Haymenrique Prieto Rios Shallman Seadjoy Laboratorio


The need to know how the concentrations of microalgae fluctuate in tilapia cultures is crucial since these animals are mostly herbivores and microalgae represent a main part of their diet. For this reason, we sought to identify and classify the diversity of phytoplankton species associated with the cultivation of Tilapia. Phytoplankton samples were identified at the gender level and the population density (Cel / ml) was estimated. During the study period, the phytoplankton community was represented by the following taxonomic divisions, which are: chlorophytes, diatoms, cyanophytes, without Dinoflagellates being found, with the chlorophyte species standing out in all the samplings. 3 culture ponds were used, samples were taken every 4 days between 11 am and 1 pm. The results obtained in the investigation are the following: in tank 1 it was found that the oxygen level oscillated between 1.1mg / L and 4.7 mg / L, in tank 2 between 1.16 mg / L and 3.8 mg / L and the tank 3 between 1.15 mg / L and 3.6 mg / L. Regarding temperature in pond 1, a fluctuation between 28.4 ° C and 33.6 ° C, pond 2, between 27, 5 ° C and 33.3 ° C, for pond 3, between 28 ° C and at 33.4 ° C, in terms of pH, pond 1 registered a pH of 7.8 and 10.6, for pond 2 of 7.2 and 11 presenting the highest value between each of the ponds, for pond 3 of 7.8 and 10, 3. The highest algae growth was in pond 2 with a total of 165,000 cel./ml, followed by pond 1 with a total of 157,500 cel./ml and pond 3 with 152,500 cel./ml.

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