The present study analyzes the management of eucalyptus plantations given by the producers. The research started in 2013 by the Finnfor project which established 17 permanent monitoring plots grouped into 4 categories based on the potential for production of roundwood. The same growth, utilization and sanitation variables were followed up, as well as the performance of the plots and possible lessons from the plots. Among the results obtained are that the first use is given at 3 years (alfajillas and some soleras) later manage the regrowth and thin each 6 or 8 months. This is selective (2 to 3 cuts / year) or clear cut (4 or 6 years) and every year they give maintenance to the property (plantation). The growth, height, diameter and basal area were within the ranges cited by the literature. Based on interviews with producers and financial analysis, selective cutting is more effective and profitable. The largest volume (measured in 2015) was plot 13 with 51 m3 / ha in which 2 shoots / stump were handled and the average height of the stumps ranged between 5 cm and 17 cm.