The need to know how microalgae concentrations fluctuate in tilapias cultures is crucial since these animals are mostly herviboros and microalgae
represent a main part of their diet. Therefore, it sought to identify and classify the diversity of phytoplankton species associated with Tilapias cultivation.
The phytoplankton samples were identified with a gender level and the population density (Cel / ml) was estimated. During the study period the
phytoplankton community was represented by the following taxonomic divisions that are: chlorophytes, Diatoms, Cyanophytes, without being
Dinoflagellates, standing out the species of chlorophytes in all the samplings. Three crop ponds were used, samples were taken every 4 days between
11 am and 1 pm. The results obtained in the research are as follows: in pond 1 it was found that the oxygen level ranged from 1.1 mg / L to 4.7 mg / L;
in pond 2 between 1.16 mg / L and 3.8 mg / L and the pond 3 between 1.15 mg / L and 3.6 mg / l. As for the temperature in pond 1, a fluctuation
between 28.4 ° C and 33.6 ° C, pond 2, between 27.5 ° C and 33.3 ° C, for pond 3, between the 28 ° C and 33.4 ° C, as for pH, pond 1 recorded a pH
of 7.8 and 10.6, for pond 2 of 7.2 and 11 having the highest value between each of ponds, for pond 3 of 7.8 And 10, 3. The highest growth of algae in