The research focused on measuring the level of productivity of carbon production in the biomass of the Central American countries. To make these measurements, the Tier 1 method of the IPCC was used to determine the annual increase of carbon storage in the biomass, the loss of carbon from wood extractions, and the loss of carbon by extractions of fuelwood and to measure its impact on productivity. the forestry approach was used
analysis of enveloping data (DEA), estimating the Malmquist indexes. The interannual growth rate of total productivity of forest factors (PTFF) was 0.03% on average for all countries, it is noted that El Salvador registered a growth rate of 1%, Belize 0.04%, Guatemala and Nicaragua, 0.03 %, in Costa Rica and Honduras, 0.01%, while Cuba and Panama were indifferent in the growth rate.

JEL Classification: O13; O47; Q51; O: 33; Q: 57;